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Easytune download windows 10. Gigabyte EasyTune

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Easytune download windows 10. Download Gigabyte Easy tune [Latest version 21.0114]


Boosting the performance of a PC depends on many variables, but almost every time a dedicated utility must be present in order to allow users to tweak sensitive parameters which will speed things up.

Among the many software solutions created just for this purpose, EasyTune is ready to accommodate the needs of a select group of users, namely those who have their PC equipped with a Gigabyte motherboard. Even if it is made to control vital areas of the system, this program is very easy to use and even users with little experience in overclocking can try their hand at this activity with the help of EasyTune.

The application also offers lots of information concerning the functioning parameters of the on-board CPU, memory or graphics card. Thus, with the current values in front, the users can make an idea on how far up they can take the frequency and voltage so as to obtain a significant gain in speed, without affecting the overall stability.

There are some interesting and unique features inside EasyTune, like C. The first one will perform an overclock of the processor in accordance with the current load, so at all times the best performance is available.

The second functions is guided by the core temperature and depending on that value the fan speed can be adjusted automatically or manually. For the video card, EasyTune has in store some adjustments that pertain to the core clock, memory clock and shader clock, so with a simple slider one can adjust the target value according to their needs.

Description Free Download report malware. A handy application, especially designed for those Gigabyte users who are looking for a means of overclocking their systems safely.

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