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Sling Media Slingbox Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages Skin. How to change the SBCore. VideoRenderer SBCore. MultiInstance SBCore. DebugRemote SBCore. ShowMode SBCore. ShowRemote SBCore. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don’t have an account? Slingplayer Error Codes.

Edit source History Talk 0. It might not be supported in this version. SlingPlayer couldn’t connect to any Slingboxes. Check the network cables and settings to make sure that everything’s connected and configured correctly.

SlingPlayer might not be able to locate your Slingbox if it’s outside the network you’re using. Check your network, firewall, and router settings. Try connecting again in a few seconds. Check that you’ve selected the correct user type admin or guest , then try typing the password again. Try installing the latest version of SlingPlayer, available from the Sling Media website.

Please try again in few seconds. A previous clip is still in process. A stream buffer is not available. The stream buffer isn’t initialized [ 0x ] The stream buffer can’t start because your computer is running low on hard disk space. Free up some disk space and try again. Try downloading the file again, then retry the firmware update. It’ll be ready shortly, then you can try again. Someone with the Administrator password has just connected to it, which has disconnected you.

If you’re using a direct connection, make sure the correct IP address or host name is specified on the Slingbox Connection property page. Make sure the latest audio hardware drivers are installed. Make sure that SlingPlayer, and Windows Media features, are correctly installed. Please run Windows Media Player or download the decoders.

Please restart SlingPlayer. SlingPlayer is unable to decrypt the message. SlingPlayer is unable to encrypt the message. The connection has been terminated and can’t be restored.

SlingPlayer is unable to resolve information for this Slingbox. SlingPlayer is unable to resolve the Slingbox address through the Registration Server. The Slingbox has corrected these values to the nearest usable ones. Please check your network, firewall, and router settings. Please check your network, firewall, and router settings [ 0x ] There’s been a communication error. Please check your network, firewall, and router settings [ 0x ] SlingPlayer is unable to connect to the Slingbox.

Please check your network, firewall, and router settings [ 0x ] SlingPlayer failed to start streaming from the Slingbox. Categories : Add category.

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